Even as migrants, we can feel local to many homes.
From freemium products to open-source projects to marketplaces to UGC platforms, free-to-play games are already everywhere.
The Brave New Decade will be about finally having the courage to confront ourselves as flawed humans as we are, and finding ourselves in one another.
Learning no longer lives on an individual platform. Rather, learning happens everywhere. We’re entering a new age of “Embedded Education”.
The thought of deforestation or climate collapse never alarms anybody, as if it’s a myth told by some foreign deity.
When the temples are deserted by the gods, it’s when we see most clearly that gods are alive, and are among us.
Only when we are physically strapped from actions that we fully realize the true extent and nature of our freedom and agency.
When we decide to participate in a game, there is a set of explicit and implicit rules of the game that can make us forget why we decided to participate…
People talk about "turning points" in life. It never felt like so at the moment.
Freedom isn’t a human right conferred by mythical forces. Nor does the freedom to dream come at birth.
You will work diligently, that is, in hopes of being forgotten.
Catachresis is when a statement is so astonishingly wrong that it feels right.