Sitemap - 2020 - Fakepixels

[FKPXLS] SPECIAL VOLUME: Embedded Education

[FKPXLS] VOL.65 / Cutting down trees, just to plant new ones

[FKPXLS] VOL.64 / When gods are dead, we create new ones

[FKPXLS] VOL.63 / You must be taught to love me

[FKPXLS] VOL.62 / Everything crumbles when we lose balance

[FKPXLS] VOL.61 / Not young enough to know everything

[FKPXLS] VOL.60 / Freedom that’s granted and freedom that’s earned

[FKPXLS] VOL.59 / Here I stand. I can do no other.

[FKPXLS] VOL.58 / Dance me to the end of love

[FKPXLS] VOL.57 / It seems like what matters has changed

[FKPXLS] VOL.56 / A fractured world that is beginning anew

[FKPXLS] VOL.55 / Fly high, and don’t get killed


[FKPXLS] VOL.53 / A hedge against an early death

[FKPXLS] VOL.52 / A train rushing through a lightning storm

[FKPXLS] VOL.51 / How I learned to hunt a whale

[FKPXLS] VOL.50 / In the long run, almost anything is possible

[FKPXLS] VOL.49 / Ideas that affect us like a disaster

[FKPXLS] VOL.48 / Good work done in defiance

[FKPXLS] VOL.47 / We are, after all, children

[FKPXLS] VOL.46 / this is us, forgetting


[FKPXLS] VOL.44 / The pixel making of an American Dream

[FKPXLS] VOL.43 / Do not fall asleep on the road

[FKPXLS] VOL.42 / As we become the perfect storm

[FKPXLS] VOL.41 / Meaning finding on the internet

[FKPXLS] VOL.40 — A brave and startling truth

[FKPXLS] VOL.39 — Everybody wants to build the world

[FKPXLS] VOL.38 — sobering spring, radiant winter

[FKPXLS] VOL.37 — What if we forget about time

[FKPXLS] VOL.36 — In a world that everything counts, everybody matters